Bedtime Dolly in her Green Bag

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This absolutely gorgeous Rag Doll who is called  “Bedtime Dolly”  goes to bed with her “mummy” and watches over her all night whilst she sleeps.  She is a perfect size for cuddling up to.

The bag features a totally bespoke verse  that has been professionally  written for Honey Bunch Designs  making it our verse alone.

If you're looking for the perfect gift that any little girl will cherish and  adore this is the gift for you.

You have a choice of colours for the bag , however the doll will be chosen from colours available.

This beautiful Rag doll is a very generous 20 inches tall.

To make this item totally unique the bag is personalised with the little girl's name on the pillow.

Be sure to complete the Personalisation details in the Comment Box before finalising the order.